Revision History

RsInstrument module provides convenient way of communicating with R&S instruments.

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Version history:

Version (21.04.2022)
  • Added optional parameter timeout to reset()

  • Added query list methods: query_str_list, query_str_list_with_opc, query_bool_list, query_bool_list_with_opc

  • Added query_str_stripped for stripping string responses of quotes.

Version (15.03.2022)
  • Added logging to UDP port (49200) to integrate with new R&S Instrument Control plugin for Pycharm

  • Improved documentation for logging and Simulation mode sessions.

Version (19.11.2021)
  • Fixed logging strings when device name was a substring of the resource name

Version (08.11.2021)
  • Added setting profile for non-standard instruments. Example of the options string: options=’Profile=hm8123’

Version (15.10.2021)
  • Added correct conversion of strings with SI suffixes (e.g.: MHz, KHz, THz, GHz, ms, us) to float and integer

Version (31.08.2021)
  • Changed default encoding of string<=>bin from utf-8 to charmap.

  • Added settable encoding for the session. Property: RsInstrument.encoding

  • Fixed logging to console when switched on after init - the cached init entries are now properly flushed and displayed.

Version (17.07.2021)
  • Improved exception handling in cases where the instrument session is closed.

Version (12.07.2021)
  • Scpi logger time entries now support not only datetime tuples, but also float timestamps

  • Added query_all_errors_with_codes() - returning list of tuples (message: str, code: int)

  • Added logger.log_status_check_ok property. This allows for skipping lines with ‘Status check: OK’

Version (28.06.2021)
  • Added SCPI Logger

  • Simplified constructor’s options string format - removed DriverSetup=() syntax. Instead of “DriverSetup=(TerminationCharacter=’n’)”, you use “TerminationCharacter=’n’”. The original format is still supported.

  • Fixed calling SYST:ERR? even if *STB? returned 0

  • Replaced @ni backend with @ivi for resource manager - this is necessary for the future pyvisa version 1.12+

Version (09.06.2021)
  • added methods reconnect(), is_connection_active()

Version (01.06.2021)
  • Fixed bug with error checking when events are defined

Version (03.05.2021)
  • Changes in Core only

Version (18.04.2021)
  • Added aliases for the write_str… and query_str… methods:

  • write() = write_str()

  • query() = query_str()

  • write_with_opc() = write_str_with_opc()

  • query_with_opc() = query_str_with_opc()

Version (20.01.2021)
  • query_opc() got additional non-mandatory parameter ‘timeout’

  • Code changes only relevant for the auto-generated drivers

Version (29.11.2020)
  • Added Thread-locking for sessions. Related new methods: get_lock(), assign_lock(), clear_lock()

  • Added read-only property ‘resource_name’

Version (13.11.2020)
  • Changed Authors and copyright

  • Code changes only relevant for the auto-generated drivers

  • Extended Conversions method str_to_str_list() by parameter ‘clear_one_empty_item’ with default value False

Version (09.11.2020)
  • Fixed parsing of the instrument errors when an error message contains two double quotes

Version (21.10.2020)
  • Code changes only relevant for the auto-generated drivers

  • Added ‘UND’ to the list of float numbers that are represented as NaN

Version (11.10.2020)
  • Fixed Python 3.8.5+ warnings

  • Extended documentation, added offline installer

  • Filled package’s __init__ file with the exposed API. This simplifies the import statement

Version (01.10.2020)
  • Replaced ‘import visa’ with ‘import pyvisa’ to remove Python 3.8 pyvisa warnings

  • Added option to set the termination characters for reading and writing. Until now, it was fixed to ‘\n’ (Linefeed). Set it in the constructor ‘options’ string: DriverSetup=(TerminationCharacter = ‘\r’). Default value is still ‘\n’

  • Added static method RsInstrument.assert_minimum_version() raising assertion exception if the RsInstrument version does not fulfill at minimum the entered version

  • Added ‘Hameg’ to the list of supported instruments

Version (21.09.2020)
  • Added documentation on

  • Code changes only relevant for the auto-generated drivers

Version (17.09.2020)
  • Added recognition of RsVisa library location for linux when using options string ‘SelectVisa=rs’

  • Fixed bug in reading binary data 16 bit

Version (04.09.2020)
  • Fixed error for instruments that do not support *OPT? query

Version (18.08.2020)
  • Implemented SocketIO plugin which allows the remote-control without any VISA installation

  • Implemented finding resources as a static method of the RsInstrument class

Version (03.08.2020)
  • Fixed reading of long strings for NRP-Zxx sessions

Version (16.06.2020)
  • Fixed simulation mode switching

  • Added Repeated capability

  • First released version