12. Transferring Files

Instrument -> PC

You just did a perfect measurement, saved the results as a screenshot to the instrument’s storage drive. Now you want to transfer it to your PC. With RsInstrument, no problem, just figure out where the screenshot was stored on the instrument. In our case, it is var/user/instr_screenshot.png:


PC -> Instrument

Another common scenario: Your cool test program contains a setup file you want to transfer to your instrument: Here is the RsInstrument one-liner split into 3 lines:



You want to delete a file on the instrument, but the instrument reports an error, because the file does not exist?
Or you want to write a file to the instrument, but get an error that the file already exists and can not be overwritten?
Not anymore, use the file detection methods:
# Do you exist?
i_exist = instr.file_exist(r'/var/appdata/instr_setup.sav')

# Give me your size or give me nothing...
your_size = instr.get_file_size(r'/var/appdata/instr_setup.sav')